We offer overnight in home stays for your pet(s) from 9pm-8am. This includes an evening walk, lots of cuddle time & Netflix, and morning walk/feeding. Additional daytime visits can be added on at a discount.

  • $70 for 9pm-8am
  • Additional daytime visits $15 per half hour when booked in conjunction with overnights

Wedding Events

Let us take care of your pet(s) at your event so you can enjoy your big day!

Detailed list of services and pricing to come. Please inquire via email at: info@rivercitydog.com or call (804) 439-2514


Need to take your pet to the groomers or the vet, but don't have time? One of our professional pet sitters will pick up your pet, take them to their appointment, and bring them back home after they are done.

  • $30 per hour - 1hour minimum regardless of duration of errand
  • After the first hour has elapsed $15 per half hour
  • If the sitter has to wait at the appointment time will continue to run