At River City Dog Excursions we understand that the cornerstone of a successful relationship is trust and familiarity. Prior to starting services we require an initial Meet & Greet Client Consultation. During the consultation we will go over all the details of care, learn where things are located, receive feeding instructions, review medical histories and veterinarian info, and get to know you and your pet(s).  This meeting takes between 20-45 minutes depending on care requirements.

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Mid-Day Walks

We offer mid-day visits every Monday through Friday (typically between 11 am and 3 pm) and ensure that each dog receives personal attention, exercise, and socialization. Each session can be customized to fit your dog's needs and will be 30 minutes in duration.

  • $19 per visit (1-2 dogs per household)

  • $10 extra for each additional pet

  • Packages available at a discount

    • $170 for 10 visits

Any walk requested after 4 pm or on the weekend will be charged at our pet sitting rate. Mid-day walk packages cannot be applied to pet sitting services.


Quick Visit

A shorter version of our Mid-day walks for the pups that only need a mini-break in their day.  This service is ideal for puppies, older dogs, and couch potatoes who only need to go out for a potty break or to stretch their legs.  We offer these visits Monday-Friday between 10am-4pm and they are 15 minutes in duration.

  • $14 per visit (1-2 dogs per household)

**LIMITED SERVICE- Please inquire as to if we offer this particular service in your area.**

Nature Hikes

Excursions to our wonderful parks and trails are offered seven days a week and provides a unique experience for your pet. During each hike they are allowed to explore and interact with nature which gives them a positive outlet for their energy. Each hike is 1.5 hours in duration and includes pick up and travel time.

  • $35 per hike

  • $10 discount for each additional pet


Pet Sitting

Heading out of town can be stressful on both you and your pets. Ease your mind with professional care for your pet(s) in the comfort of your home. Our services reduces your pet's stress level and is perfect for dogs/cats that don’t enjoy being boarded. No cramped accommodations, unfamiliar routines, or changes in diet-we cater to your schedule to keep your pets happy and healthy while you are away.

  • $22 per visit -30 minutes

  • $5 extra for each additional 15 minutes

  • $60 bundle* includes:

    • (3)-30 minute visits

  • $80 deluxe bundle* includes:

    • (4)-30 minute visits

All visits include feeding, medications (if needed), litter box refreshing, playtime and affection. We are also able to water plants, bring in mail and packages, and put out trash cans upon request.

*Bundles cannot be spread out over multiple days.


Overnight Stays

We offer overnight in home stays for your pet(s) from 9pm-8am. This includes an evening walk, lots of cuddle time & Netflix, and morning walk/feeding. Additional daytime visits can be added on at a discount.

  • $70 for 9pm-8am

  • Additional daytime visits $20 per half hour when booked in conjunction with overnights